Tarquin's "The SeaDog" Navy Strength Gin

Our ‘world-beating’ gin - brimming with Cornish personality



57% ABV

Proud winner of “World’s Best Gin 2017” at the San Francisco World Spirits Awards. Inspired by the beautiful, wild coast of north Cornwall and the Atlantic Ocean beyond, Tarquin’s “The Seadog” Navy Gin is brimming with bold Cornish personality.

Tasting notes:
Fresh, crisp and vibrant juniper nose. Light aromatic spice, orange blossom and a hint of cardamom. Creamy, dry with delicate green pine and subtle frangipane notes. Crisp and clean on the finish, with lingering citrus zest and eastern spices.

Pairs perfectly with:
An aromatic tonic, a slice of orange and sprig of rosemary.

70cl - 57% ABV

Vegan friendly. All orders delivered in plastic free packaging.

Other Options

Tasting Notes

Big, bold and aromatic


Bold juniper, cracked black pepper, candied citrus


Pine forest, rich spice, zesty tangerine, rounded sweetness from almond & violets


Big and bold, unctuous, creamy mouth feel, spiced pine, orange sherbet

Our Process

As a fully-independent, family-run business, we at Southwestern Distillery like to celebrate the fact that we do things a little bit differently.

To create Tarquin’s world-beating SeaDog Navy Strength Gin we hand-select 12 botanicals carefully sourced across the globe and locally foraged on the Wild Cornish Coast. We use a unique juniper just for this gin, sourced in Kosovo rather than Italy, and to support that flavour profile, edit the balance of the 11 other botanicals used in Tarquin’s Cornish Dry Gin, with more cinnamon, liquorice and fresh orange peel. Our carefully selected botanicals are added to our stills (with the exception of the violets) and left to macerate overnight in a wheat based neutral grain spirit. In the morning we add the missing violets, to complete the botanical recipe, and then it’s time to fire up the stills.
As the stills heat up we constantly monitor the process, nosing and tasting as the distilled spirit as it comes off the still at different temperatures. We collect only the purest ‘heart of the distillation’ collecting and setting aside the ‘heads’ and ‘tails’ cuts (the first and last parts of the distillation) that don’t make the most selective taste and texture grade. Post distillation, this ‘hearts cut’ (around 76% abv neat Gin) is cut with de-mineralized Cornish spring water to bring it down to the desired 57% abv. Nothing else is added in true London Dry Gin style. Every single bottle is then individually hand-filled, labelled with individual batch tasting notes, hand-dipped into a slow-cooker filled with paraffin wax and hand-stamped with our Puffin logo. We truly believe in the value of maximising the human-touch at every stage of the process. When Tarquin puts “Handcrafted in Cornwall” on every bottle, he really does mean it.