Inspired by the Wild Cornish Coast

From day one, our little distillery perched high on-top of a windswept clifftop in North Cornwall has been underpinned by 7 core principles.

Our mission

is to put taste, craftsmanship & experience back into people’s glasses

Our Aim

to be as authentic to the traditional art of distilling as possible, to take no shortcuts and compromise no quality

Our Belief

is that human touch is absolutely crucial for superiority

Our plans

continue to change, we experiment, we take risks and we always love trying something new

Our roots

are in our local community, locality, provenance and independence are core to our identity. We’re Cornish and proudly so

Our way

is different, combining traditional techniques, quality ingredients and old-fashioned equipment with modern ideas and innovation

Our goal

is to make everyone as passionate about drinking delicious tiny-batch gin as we are to make it

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From old favourites like Tarquin's original Cornish Dry Gin to beautifully-balanced fruit led gins alongside limited-edition small-batch gins.

Our Stores

With our ever expanding range of products, tastings opportunities and our new gin schools, a visit to us is a must for any Tarquin’s gin fan!